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Tri Component Product Corporation: Wide Range of High Quality Parts and Materials

 Tri Component Products, Corp. was established in 1967 when the founder, Michael Ratner, began to develop parts for the automotive repair industry in New York, USA. The first part released at Tri was a torque converter ring gear for Studebaker and Jaguar. In the 1960s, there were many necessary parts that could not be found by the torque converter rebuilders. Michael decided to manufacture the required components for the converter rebuilders, in effect creating the torque converter parts industry.

 The company has expanded beyond being a supplier to the aftermarket. Today, Tri Component Products, Corp. is an approved component supplier to OE authorized service re-manufacturers of torque converters for Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler.

Michael’s son, Nathaniel, the director of IT and product planning, has been able to utilize the company’s database in such a way that the sales force has access to the information that they require. With the completion of a new high capacity computer network, the implementation of iPads and the adoption of CNC machinery, Tri Component can supply its customers with whatever historic data that they may need along with providing the advantages of shorter lead times and a greater variety in product. Nathaniel has played a key role in developing the Tri website and the Tri YouTube video channel.

 The computer system allows the sales staff to provide round the clock service to foreign customers whom they may be talking to when it is the middle of the night in the US and the morning in the customer’s location.

 Building on fifty years of manufacturing expertise our offerings have expanded to include: Impeller Hubs, Turbine Hubs, Stator Caps, Sprags, Bearings, O-Rings, Friction Linings, Converter Clutch Plates, and Seals.

A Detailed Overview of Some of the Company’s offerings

Tri Component ‘s Friction Material Program Tri Component has been the leader in lock-up. Among many innovations are:

Tri Component offers five grades of materials: red, black (carbon), green (Kevlar®), high carbon and tan in 1.1mm and 1.8 mm thickness. Each of these grades will provide you with the performance you expect to satisfy your customer’s requirements and applications.

Tri’s high carbon grade is specifically formulated for GM applications to match OE requirements. This has been proven in millions of successful kilometers, especially in Tri’s innovative, cost saving, LockJoint™ configuration.

All Tri materials undergo extensive dynamometer testing and comparison. Tri’s materials have always been outstanding and have outperformed OE brands in numerous critical applications. You may expect brand recognition and loyalty as you partner with Tri.

Tri Component is the only company that offers a wide range of grooved linings with OE groove design.

 Tri Component Adhesives

Segmented Linings 

Tri Component LockJoint™ linings were pioneered by GM and are used by all European OEM in their production of torque converter clutches. The segmented Lock-Joint™ is a proven technology. Tri has mastered techniques to make your handling and application trouble free.

Tri LockJoint™ linings handle as a solid ring, resulting in perfect bonding and a joint that functions seamlessly.

Combined with Tri’s adhesives, a bond results with the highest shear strength. Among other advantages, Tri linings are available at the considerable cost savings. Now, more than ever, cost control is a major factor for your success.

Fichtel & Sachs Torque Converter Clutch Plates 

Tri Component offers to the customers the line of friction clutch plates for ZF applications. Among them is converter clutch plate PX-26-9, used in ZF6HP19 245mm. One of the most popular are PX-26-10 (ZF6HP26, 260 mm) and PX-26-11 (ZF6HP26 280 mm, ZF5HP24 BMW). All parts incorporate the 24 bent teeth OE design. The design includes OE pattern segments bonded to a high strength steel core. These plates are continually manufactured in the USA at Tri’s New York headquarters.

Another group of ZF plates with flat teeth includes: PX-26-12 (ZF6HP26 & ZF6HP19 245mm), PX-26-14 (ZF8HP45 & ZF8HP55) & PX-26-15 (ZF6HP26 275mm). 

Mercedes-Benz Clutch Plates 

Tri Component Products, Corp. provides a complete line of friction plates for the Mercedes 722.6 and 722.9 (HX-23, HX-23-4, HX-23-8, HX-23-9), late 722.9 7G-Tronic (HX-23-16), and 722.7 (HX-23-7) converters.

Benefits of this product offering include:

Tri Component Products, Corp. is offering a friction clutch plate, part number JX-23-34 for Jatco RE5R05A, as well as the latest JX-23-38 for RE7R01A. Known for its engineering and innovation, the company’s introduction is a true segmentation solution to overcome premature wear. The plate’s Kevlar® lining is designed to outlast OE friction material. Our U.S.A. based engineering and manufacturing allow production of advanced segmented construction and advanced material products at highly competitive pricing. Also offered are related bearings and seals.


Tri is constantly expanding its line of seals that includes O-Rings & D-rings from fluorocarbon material, PTFE seals and metal clad seal.

Tri seals proved to be reliable and are offered at great savings. We pay a lot of attention to the quality of seals, our Quality Assurance department is thoroughly checking the dimensions and quality of parts. There are no “small parts” when it comes to quality.