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  2. September 2022 (#21)

Issue: September 2022 (#21)

September 2022 (#21)

Dear friends, dear readers!

“There is nothing more permanent than change,” wrote publicist Carl Ludwig Börne about 200 years ago. Today this phrase sounds especially relevant. We ourselves change with every new day. If we recall childhood and youth, it was thanks to constant changes that we became adults, acquired knowledge and skills. And now the complications that many experience in work and business should bring a new experience. And he should help us become better.

Before the release of this issue of "AKPPro", we decided to find out how much changes in the economy have affected our readers and participants of the "AutoTransTech" seminar. It turned out that the situation has not worsened so much - on average, the number of customers has not decreased, although most service stations have raised prices for their services. This means that customers still have a “margin of safety”.

In the new heading "Car market" we consider what has changed in the auto business. Sales of new cars have been declining since March, but growth returned in July, albeit a small one. And this is not just a return to the previous level of sales, but qualitative changes - the share of Chinese brands in the total sales volume has grown significantly. There are more and more cars from China in Russia. And, although until recently few people took them seriously, they will definitely strengthen their positions in the Russian market. This is the kind of change that can be predicted. There will be others that we don't know about yet. I wish you always be ready for something new!

Valery Chusov

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