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Aisin AW TF-81SC: A vigorous veteran Обложка для статьи Aisin AW TF-81SC: A vigorous veteran
Aisin AW TF-81SC: A vigorous veteran

The Japanese company Aisin AW created the TF-80SC almost 15 years ago. The unit is intended for front-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles with an east-west engine mounting. That is why the transmission is quite space effective – its length is a mere 358 mm. In order to have six gears in such limited space, the designers used the Lepelletier-type gearset (see “AKPPro” #3, p. 18). This transmission designed for the transfer of quite a high torque is installed in models of various vehicle classes – С (OpelAstra, Chevrolet Cruze), Е (Volvo S80), as well as CUVs (Mazda CX-7 and CX-9) and minivans, or multi-purpose vehicles (Renault Espace). These transmissions work with engines from 1.9 to 4.4 L, the torque limitation being 450 Nm.

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Causes of reverse gear failure in DQ250 Обложка для статьи Causes of reverse gear failure in DQ250
Causes of reverse gear failure in DQ250

The absence of the reverse gear is often accompanied by kicks and jerks when downshifting during forward motion or at stops. Sometimes the situation is as follows: the reverse gear is present, but it engages with an effort, as well as the first gear. From our experience, there are two likely causes of this trouble – the clutch failure or the wear of the synchronizers. Let us consider both possibilities.

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Hybrid CVT Jatco JF018E Обложка для статьи Hybrid CVT Jatco JF018E
Hybrid CVT Jatco JF018E

The transmission of Nissan and Infifniti hybrid modifications - the Jatco JF018E CVT is created on the basis of the popular JF017E model, but has several significant design differences.

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DQ200: A grown-up "robot" Обложка для статьи DQ200: A grown-up
DQ200: A grown-up "robot"

The first seven-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission designated as DQ200 appeared in 2007. At first there were many complaints about this development, but the designers made great efforts to restore it from "childhood diseases", and if now any problems occur with these boxes, they are more likely related to natural wear and tear during the service life. Valentin Romanov, director of the Moscow branch of the Agregatka company, shared his experience with us.

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